WATCH: Men attempt to smuggle alcohol using spare tyre

WATCH: Men attempt to smuggle alcohol using spare tyre

South Africans are struggling to stay sober during the COVID-19 lockdown and some have come up with creative ways to smuggle alcohol.

Men hide alcohol in spare tyre
Screenshot/Facebook/South Africa Live

We've seen numerous videos shared on social media with recipes and methods to brew your own alcohol from home since the ban on alcohol sales kicked in at the start of the national lockdown. 

From pineapple beer to 100% grape juice maturing into wine in 5-litre juice boxes, South Africans will not let the ban on alcohol sales stop them from having a drink. 

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A video has now emerged showing alcohol bottles being stuffed into an old car tyre. It's not clear where or when the video was taken or by whom, but the clip has been shared numerous times on Facebook. In the short clip, the men can be heard laughing and sharing jokes about how the soldiers can't stop them from drinking their beverages. 

Facebook users who watched the video were shocked to see the amount of effort and creativity their fellow South Africans put into ensuring they have some alcohol and to evade law enforcement. 

Watch the video below.

Now this is by far the most funniest smuggling video ever 😂😂.

Posted by Mack Rapapali Thabiso on Monday, May 4, 2020

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