This adorable little donkey believes he is a dog

This adorable little donkey believes he is a dog

Tiny Tim is a miniature donkey living on a farm in Ontario, Canada. After his mother rejected him, a couple took the donkey in and raised it as one of their own family pets. 

tiny tim
Facebook/Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey

Meet Tiny Tim, the energetic miniature donkey whose life is something out of the ordinary. 

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On a 113-acre farm in Ontario, Canada, Tiny Tim arrived quite unexpectedly. Farm owners Jody and Ted Topping found the calf abandoned in the barn; his mother had rejected him shortly after he was born. Jody and Ted knew immediately that they had to jump in and help Tiny Tim thrive.

Over a few months, Jody and Ted fed and nurtured Tiny Tim until he was healthy enough to stand on his own. After spending so much time around the couple's other pets, two dogs, Tiny Tim took on the canines' characteristics. Now, Tiny Tim can be found bounding around the house getting into mischief, or cuddling up to his owners. 

Tiny Tim has grown into a fun, playful little donkey who has crept into the hearts of many. Jody says of her unique pet's behaviour: "He has a huge personality and loves to make people laugh. He’s very affectionate and super smart."

It is this winning personality that has won Tiny Tim over 190,000 followers on Facebook. Jody and Ted have plans to register Tiny Tim as a 'therapy animal' so that he can bring joy and laughter to those who need it most. 

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