Bold prankster gets bitten by turtle

Bold prankster loses fight with snapping turtle

An overconfident man in Burlington, Massachusetts disturbed a snapping turtle - and quickly realised his mistake. 

snapping turtle bites man
YouTube screenshot/Michael Ganley

It is normal for people to be curious about how animals behave in their natural habitats. It's the reason so many people visit zoos, or keep pets or go on safaris. It is generally understood that this curiosity should not extend to involve any kind of abuse or unnecessary infringement on the animal's rights. 

But, of course, there will always be a daredevil or two who push an animal's boundaries just for laughs

While out on a fishing trip, Michael Ganley and Victor Sanchez spotted some snapping turtles in the water nearby. Michael had the crazy idea to coax one of the turtles to the surface and, despite the turtle fighting him and clearly not wanting to leave the water, he picked it up in his arms, apparently attempting to cuddle it. 

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Victor halfheartedly warned Michael that the aggressive animal would "take [his] finger off", but it was too late: Michael was already attempting to kiss the turtle. He learned very quickly that that was a very bad idea as the turtle lived up to its name and snapped at Michael, landing a bite right on his mouth!

Michael exclaims, "Ow!" and looks disappointed that his attempt at befriending an animal whose dangerous nature is clearly stated in its name has failed. 

The video ends after Michael is bitten but it is safe to assume that he put the turtle right back into the water, where it belongs. If he had any sense he apologised for disturbing it as well. 

Next time you're thinking about provoking a reaction out of an animal for laughs or a quick photo, just don't.

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