Boyfriend embarrasses girlfriend on live TV

Boyfriend embarrasses girlfriend on live TV

This fast became a very awkward situation for both partners.

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When you're in a relationship, you learn to accept each other's flaws no matter what. 

That clearly isn't the case with this guy...

This boyfriend grabbed the opportunity to call out his girlfriend's worst flaw on live television. Appearing on 'Your Face Or Mine', which seems to be a program committed to breaking up couples, Ben was asked by Jimmy Carr to name his girlfriend Stephanie's worst feature.

In all honesty, he didn't even stop to think, nor did he try and make out that he was picking something by process of elimination. He got straight in there and said: "Her nose." Of course, his girlfriend's reaction said it all. She was shocked and surprised!  

Things backfired for the boyfriend when the two hosts managed to dig up an old photograph showing him kissing one of his best friends. When asked about it, he stumbles and is unable to answer. "Who is the man you are kissing? Did you date?" he was asked.

He then digs himself deeper into a hole by replying with: "We just really like each other". This moment is just too good not to watch. 

Karma really does work is very interesting ways...  

Are you brave enough to call out your partner's worst feature on live TV?

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