Could this be the bridal fashion trend of the year?

Could this be the bridal fashion trend of the year?

This is for anyone who has ever wondered how difficult it must be to dance or sit in an elaborate wedding gown. 

bridal buddy

Your wedding day is your chance to waltz around in a beautiful, intricately designed dress (custom-made, if you're lucky), trailing your long, gorgeous train behind you and revelling in the glamour and romance of the day. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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But wedding gowns, spectacular as they may look, can also be wildly impractical. What do you do with the huge hoop skirt or metres-long skirt when it is time to sit at the dinner table? Or, potentially more awkward, when it is time to go to the bathroom?

You may say "well, that's what bridesmaids are for!" - and you would be right. But what if you don't want to schlep your whole wedding party with you every time you need to go to the little girls' room?

The Bridal Buddy might be just what you need!

With just a quick fold and zip, you can put your precious dress out of the way while you attend to your business. 

On wedding days brides can be quite frantic - so be sure you don't forget to unzip your dress and roll it back down before you go out to chat to the rest of your guests!

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