Curious cat immediately regrets investigating plastic bag

Curious cat immediately regrets investigating plastic bag

You seriously cannot help but laugh hysterically while watching this.

cat in bag very funny

Cats are known to be quick on their feet, curious, and a fan favourite of the internet. 

This time around, a plastic bag and a cat were the source of entertainment for the internet. 

In the video, a cat cat be seen cautiously approaching a plastic bag. The cat continues to sniff the bag and eventually gets into the bag. Suddenly, the cat is frightened and falls to the ground. It is at this moment when we couldn't stop laughing. The cat runs around the house with the bag on its head, unable to free itself. 

Yes, this may have been a terrible experience for the cat, but let's face it, this is exactly why internet users love cat videos! Of course, the feline was freed from her plastic nightmare and all was good after that. 

Watch and laugh!

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