Should wild cats be kept as pets?

Should wild cats be kept as pets?

There are certain animals that should not be kept as pets!

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These days, there's a permit for everything! However, there are certain animals that should probably not be kept as pets. 

There are many YouTube videos showing people who own animals such as lions, tigers, and other large cats. Humaid Albuqaish is a Prince in Dubai. Not only does he own lions, but cheetahs and tigers as well. In the video, one can see how they allow the lions to chase them and 'bite' them. Albuqaish can also be seen with his head lodged in a lion's mouth. 

The footage below will shock you!

If that's not enough, there's a family that live with tigers - in their house!

Take a listen to what some of our listeners had to say on the topic.  

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