Dog won't leave soccer pitch until he gets a belly rub

Dog won't leave soccer pitch until he gets a belly rub

A dog ran onto the pitch during a match between Eurasian teams FC Dila Gori and Torpedo Kutaisi, and wouldn't leave for three full minutes. 

dog invades pitch
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Pitch invasions can add some much-needed excitement to a game. Whether it is kangaroos or bees, the interruption gives players and spectators something to talk about on the way home. 

The latest incident involves a very good dog and two soccer teams in the Republic of Georgia. FC Dila Gori and Torpedo Kutaisi were 69 minutes into the match when a black dog ran up to one of the goalkeepers. 

The crowd goes wild as the dog bounds around the pitch. The goalkeeper plays with the dog and later one of the other players engages the canine. Associated Press reports that a security guard tried to force the dog off the pitch with no success. 

The dog stayed on the pitch for three minutes, apparently not wanting to leave the National Football League match until he had enough fun with the players. 

Have you ever been present at a sports tournament where a stray animal interrupted play?

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