Dying puppy surprises family in Turkey

Dying puppy surprises family in Turkey

A family in Turkey was volunteering at a shelter when they met a dying dog by the name of Faith. See the miracle they experienced after giving Faith some love and care.

Dying dog

Faith was on the verge of dying. She couldn't walk, and she was suffering from distemper, but it seemed all she needed was a bit of love and care to survive.


After being spotted by one family that volunteers at a Turkish shelter, Faith received a second chance at life.


"There were dead dogs everywhere," Faith's adopted mother, Mary, said.


"There is no way they could keep up with that amount of dogs. It's just impossible, it's beyond heart-breaking," Mary added.


The shelter reportedly cares for 4,000 dogs, with 20 dogs assigned to one cage.


"In the beginning we took in several [dogs] from the shelter that were pretty much dying. We did not want them to die in their situation. They were being trampled over, they were filthy. So we took them in and we did not think they will make it. The first three did not and Faith actually was the small one that was in the corner. She couldn't walk and she had distemper and I thought we were just bringing her out to die basically just in peace, but she proved us wrong."


After some love and care from the family, Faith is not only doing well, but she can now miraculously walk again.


"It's shocking that she actually made it. I don't know how my daughter spotted her out of all the dogs, but she did and we got her out of there and she is amazing," she said.


See the incredible story in the video below.

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