Elderly woman suffers heart attack after purse is stolen

Elderly woman suffers heart attack after purse is stolen

An 86-year-old woman in Leicestershire, England suffered a heart attack after witnessing two thieves stealing her purse. 

couple steals from elderly woman
The thieves targeted an 86-year-old woman./YouTube

Reasonable people can agree that all petty theft is wrong, but there is something even more unforgivable about a theft that targets elderly citizens. 

Two unscrupulous thieves targeted an 86-year-old woman in Leicestershire, England, stealing her purse and fleeing the scene as the woman suffered a heart attack. 

In CCTV footage that the Leicestershire Police have recently made public, a couple is seen stalking the woman inside a corner shop. The female thief is wearing a shawl which she uses to conceal her arms as she approaches the elderly woman, reaching for her handbag. Her accomplice pretends to look at greeting cards in an attempt to create the impression that there is nothing unusual in this situation. 

As the elderly woman turns to walk towards a different aisle in the store, the female thief sticks close to her side and lifts a purse from her handbag. Once she has it she and her accomplice quickly shuffle out of the shop. Moments later, according to the Mail Online, the elderly woman realised she had been robbed and then had a heart attack. 

The woman spent one week in the hospital recovering from the heart attack.

In the meantime, the Leicestershire Police have urged citizens to assist them in identifying the thieves: "The footage is of good quality and we’d ask the public to take a look and contact us if they recognise the people in the footage or have any suspicions about who they may be."

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