Elephant and rhino engage in fight at the Kruger

Animal face-off: Elephant vs. rhino battle it out at the Kruger

Iconic African animals like elephants and rhinos are under attack from poachers daily, but when these two giants decide to bring the fight a little closer to the jungle, it is someone amazing to witness.

Elephant and rhino battle

Imagine two of the biggest animals in the juggle engaged in a fight? That’s exactly what happened at the Kruger National Park recently.

An elephant and a rhino were filmed fighting and it is absolutely amazing to witness.

The video starts off with the rhino minding his own business eating grass.  Then out of the blue, an elephant approaches him and starts 'threatening' him. This forces the poor rhino to step back. But within seconds, the rhino decides to face the elephant, but sadly gets defeated.

Watch the incredible footage of the battle below.

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