Elephant tramples selfie-seeking man to death

Elephant tramples selfie-seeking man to death

This man took a silly risk and unfortunately paid the ultimate price.

Elephant tramples man to death after he got too close for selfie

Ashok Bharti had reportedly been drinking alcohol before approaching an elephant near Kuanrmunda, Odisha state, India. When he tried to take a photo with it, the elephant charged at him and started trampling him.

The video shows Ashok desperately trying to flee from the angry animal, but he somehow trips and falls over, which left him at the mercy of the elephant.

The horrific video was captured by a witness who was standing at a safe distance. According to reports, an ambulance was rushed to the scene, but Mr Bhati passed away on the way to the hospital.

Philip Sahu, who is an Assistant Conservator of Forests in India, told metro.co.uk that they were trying to get the elephant to join it's herd when Mr Bhati got too close to it, which lead to his fatal end.

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