Ellen Degeneres suffers awkward scooter accident

Ellen Degeneres suffers awkward scooter accident

This proves that even the biggest celebrities make mistakes too!

image ellen riding scooter

It wasn't a god day on set for Ellen.

Known for always entertaining her guests, her in-studio audience got more than they expected when Degeneres crashed a scooter in studio. 

It started off really smoothly, the type of 'smoothness' that only comes after winning 20 People's Choice Awards. 

Suddenly, things took a turn for the worse when Ellen seemed to lose control of the scooter and narrowly avoided a collision with innocent bystanders. 

Naturally, Ellen made a joke out of it all and her injury wasn't too bad. She commented saying: "So what happened was, the way you make it go, there's a little thing you hook your finger in. And uh, I had forgotten that's what makes it go, so my finger was hooked in, so I was like full speed at two miles an hour, and — but my knee got caught and I was trying to get off of it."

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