Emotional moment man reunites with his 20-year-old blind cat

Emotional moment man reunites with his 20-year-old blind cat

There's nothing better than watching humans reuniting with their pets!


Grab the tissues for this one, because you are going to need them! 

An emotional video was posted to social media showing a man reuniting with his long-lost blind cat. Raymond McNamara had been searching for his 20-year-old cat for nearly two months when finally his feline friend was found and returned to him. 

“Hey Lily, you happy to be home? Happy your daddy’s got you?” Kathy Bieniek, the vice president of Saving Sage Animal Rescue in Miami, can be heard saying in a video posted on YouTube. “Daddy’s happy too, I can tell.”

McNamara had been traveling across the country from California with his beloved cat when the long-haired Himalayan wandered off and got lost in southern Florida. Devastated, McNamara alerted the authorities. Lily, who is both blind and deaf, had survived on her own for a whole two months before being rescued. 

This is truly one of the best videos we have ever seen! So adorable!

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