Great white caught stealing fish on camera twice

Great white caught stealing fish on camera twice

Imagine if this massive shark ended up landing on your boat?!

image shark jumps out water fishing

We have all seen those wildlife clips showing the incredible acrobatic abilities of great white sharks. 

Great whites are known to sneak up on their prey from the depths below, speeding to the top and launching themselves into the air. 

A fisherman in Cape Cod Bay managed to capture the moment a great white stole the catches of two different fishermen. Now, the crazy part is that the same captain caught both incidents on camera on the same day. 

On the first trip, a woman was reeling in a large bass when a shark bit it in half, leaving only the fish's head attached to the line. Crazy!

Later in the afternoon, Captain Hap Farrell was out fishing with another group when a different shark struck. This time, it decided to put on a bit of a show. 

In the video you can see the shark launch itself from the water, giving the three men a big fright.

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