Independent doggy plays fetch all by himself

Independent doggy plays fetch all by himself

Growing up without a sibling for most of his life forced Drewbert the Corgi to learn how to entertain himself. See how the independent pup makes the most of the situation. 

drewbert the corgi

Jialu Wang has two pet Corgis named Drewbert and Mona. Jialu often regales social media followers with stories about her pets.

Jialu shares news about the dogs and incorporates information about the general training and care of corgis with over 29,000 people on Facebook. 

The corgis have become very popular, and Jialu enjoys sharing their lives online. Recently, Jialu shared a video of Drewbert playing fetch. But this was no ordinary game: she caught the cute little corgi playing fetch all by himself!

The smart corgi learned how to play by himself when he realised that he didn't have a sibling or a regular playmate. Drewbert did not have any siblings until Jialu added a second corgi named Mona to the family. But being alone did not get in Drewbert's way.

See how Drewbert throws the ball and then goes to pick it up, determined to have fun (and get a bit of exercise in as well) no matter who he is with.

Talk about being independent.

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