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Intense footage shows how rally driver is saved by the skin of his teeth!

It would have been a very long way down for one rally driver...

drive race car nearly slide off cliff

What was meant to be a smooth turn ended up in horror for one rally driver. 

Czech rally driver Tomasz Kasperczyk tested the limits and strength of a guardrail while taking part in the first stage of the FIA European Rally Championship’s Rally Islas Canarias on Friday last week. 

In the short but terrifying clip, Kasperczyk can be seen driving his Ford Fiesta along a cliff. Upon approaching the second turn, one can see that he comes in too hot and suddenly crashes into the guardrail. 

Luckily, the guardrail does exactly what it is supposed to do. Sjoe! Talk about a close call!

FIA ERC took to Twitter to share a few images of Kasperczyk's car after the crash.

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