Jaguar takes on caiman crocodile - and wins!

Jaguar takes on caiman crocodile - and wins!

Onlookers were amazed as they watched a jaguar and a caiman at Corixo Negro, Brazil fight viciously, each determined to be victorious. 

The jaguar was as fierce under water as it is on land./Pexels/Yigithan Bal

It is not common to pit a wild cat against a reptile as it would seem that the two animals are from separate worlds. But footage from the Corixo Negro River in Brazil shows that the two predators are equally matched. 

Each one is strong and determined to win, and at no point in the confrontation could witnesses have predicted its outcome. 

The jaguar grabs onto the caiman's neck and the two twist and thrash around, taking turns pushing each other under the water. The stand-off lasts 15 minutes, at the end of which the jaguar drags the subdued caiman into the bushes nearby

A guide who was present at the time of the incident says it is the biggest fight he has seen between two animals of this kind. 

Jaguars gain an advantage over their prey by moving stealthily and pouncing as soon as they get the chance. 

Witnesses say they were stunned by the moment: "We knew that we were lucky to be able to view it from such a close proximity."

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