Man faces his fears to experience breathtaking view

Man faces his fears to experience breathtaking view

Now this is a view definitely worth facing your fears for!

Face your fears
Image: YouTube / Alex

Something as trivial as taking in a view from up high is actually a nightmare for many out there.

Acrophobia is a real problem for some and having the fear of heights is no joke. You might have had your own experience whereby you have been afraid of looking over the ledge of a bridge or building, but for some, the fear is on a whole different level. 

After a few encouraging words from his daughter, one father finally managed to slither on his belly towards the edge of a cliff in Ireland. 

In the video below, the man can be seen trying to avoid facing his fear of heights by slowly crawling on the ground, pulling himself a little further towards the edge.

It's hilarious and so heartwarming at the same time. What a brave dad!

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