Orangutan female risks safety while rescuing her baby

Orangutan female risks safety while rescuing her baby

We are amazed at this female orangutan's bravery while saving her baby.

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It must take a lot for a female orangutan to climb out of her enclosure, surrounded by tons of zoo visitors?

We all know that orangutans are great climbers, but more so, great mothers too. A female orangutan has made headlines as she escaped from her own enclosure in order to rescue her baby. 

Sakara, a female orangutan at the Perth Zoo, managed to escape her enclosure in a desperate quest to rescue her baby, Sungai, who had fallen into a nearby garden while playing on some equipment. 

The mother can be seen sitting on the railing, waiting for the busy walkway of zoo visitors to clear before she made her way back to her enclosure with her baby on her back. 

"She seemed really calm, just confused on where to go next. Everyone around was really calm and giving her space as well. The whole incident was probably only 30-40 seconds before staff arrived," Jess McConnell, a witness, told the news outlet.

Luckily no one was injured and the mom and baby were reunited. 

Animals always amaze us!

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