Scary moment snake slithers into bathroom light

Scary moment snake slithers into bathroom light

Imagine walking into your bathroom and seeing a massive python above your head?!

carpet python in light image


A snake was spotted absorbing the heat of a bathroom light when it slithered its way into a house. 

The large 1.5 meter-long carpet python, although harmless, could easily scare anyone while in the bathroom. 

Snake catcher Luke Huntley from Snake Catcher Noosa was called out to a home in Noosaville, Australia to remove a pesky snake that made its way into the skylight of a home's bathroom.

"Lucky for me this little guy was in an awesome mood and was very accommodating by letting me gently coax him out by tickling his belly. What a fun catch," the snake catcher wrote on Facebook.

Have you ever found an animal in your house?

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