Social media outrage over Melania Trump's stilettos

Social media outrage over Melania Trump's stilettos

Do you think people on social media have taken this too far?

Melania trump image stilettos

Well, you will have to decide on that one. 

As the Trumps made their way to Air Force One to travel to Corpus Cristi, Texas, Twitter users couldn't help but comment that the first lady's choice of footwear wasn't appropriate, given the circumstances. 

We totally understand that the pair were about to enter a disaster zone, but maybe people should just relax and focus on more important things? 

After photographs of the two boarding Air Force One in Maryland started appearing online, people noticed that Donald was wearing a rain jacket and boots, while Melania donned fashionable cropped pants and stilettos.

See the image below.

What are your thoughts on Melania Trump wearing stilettos?

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