Suzelle DIY's fun pet hacks for the holidays

Suzelle DIY's fun pet hacks for the holidays

Suzelle and her best friend Marianne are back with some useful (and highly entertaining) DIY tips for taking care of your pets. 

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Suzelle DIY has all the best so-easy-anyone-can-do-it craft ideas to make your everyday household tasks that much easier. With her friend Marianne in tow, Suzelle happily cuts and builds her way through an impressive list of life hacks. And the good news is you can find something useful on her channel even if you aren't planning a dinner party or taking on a home improvement project. 

Suzelle's latest video shows a handful of useful hacks for pet owners, something which she admits she would much rather leave to Marianne.

But the two of them manage to make a few great toys and treats for your furry housemates. 

From nutritious ice lollies to cool your dogs down in the middle of a heatwave to fun new toys using old socks and plastic containers, this video's got something for every pet lover. 

And even though Marianne disappoints Suzelle by failing to bring her cat Cheryl along for a demonstration, the pair finds a way to make things work. 

Which of the DIY pet hacks are you keen to try?

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