The Vengaboys make a viral comeback

The Vengaboys make a viral comeback

There are certain songs that we will never stop jamming to...

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Who could ever forget the Vengaboys? 

Back in the day, the hit pop group slayed the airwaves and had us all bobbing along to hits such as 'Shalala Lala' and of course, 'Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom'. 

It seems that their music is still a hit with many in this latest video. The video was posted to Facebook by Jordan Cairns and it shows a group of people breaking out in dance to the massive Vengaboys classic. 

As the song is heard playing from the moving vehicle, people all over start to sing and dance to the music in what looks like a crazy throwback to the nineties. The clip has racked up over 100,000 views and thousands of shares. 

We can officially say that there is nothing quite like the music of the Vengaboys!

Were you a huge fan of the Vengaboys?

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