Very good dog saves his brother from drowning

Very good dog saves his brother from drowning

One dog's act of heroism has won him a legion of fans on the internet.

border collie swimming

For pets accustomed to being on dry land, jumping into a pool can be daunting. In some cases, your pets may not even be able to learn to swim because they are anxious about being in the water. 

Smokey and Remus, two dogs from Arizona, showed that swimming is made much easier if you have someone in the water looking out for you. 

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According to Jay and Laurie Becerra, the owners of Smokey and Remus, the two dogs were engaging in a bit of "rambunctious" play when Smokey fell into the pool. That is when the trouble started. 

Smokey, who Laurie says is a less capable swimmer than his sibling Remus, was struggling to get out of the water. Remus immediately sprang into action, trying to pull Smokey out of the water.

Eventually, Remus jumped into the water and pushed Smokey out of the pool, saving his life. 

Laurie is proud of Remus's actions, and told news outlets: "He may be a crazy pup he's got a heart of gold." 

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