Watch heart-warming moment when dog gets reunited with owner after being given up for dead

Miracle dog lost at sea reunited with owner

Luna, a German Shepherd, was given up for dead after falling off her owner's boat months ago. Watch the heart-warming moment when the two are reunited.

Luna the dog

Luna is one incredible dog.


After falling overboard off her owner's fishing boat off the coast of California, Luna was left for dead.


But what her owner did not know was that Luna amazingly swam three kilometers to a tiny island used by the US navy for target practice.


Luna survived for five weeks before being rescued by the navy. How amazing!


She has now been given a dog tag with the saying, "Just keep the faith".


The tag also shows the date she was on the island, 10 February 16 to 15 March 16.


Though her owner, Nick Haworth, says she now looks a bit thinner, he is definitely not planning on letting her out of his sight again.


"I'm not letting her go again that's for sure," said Haworth in the YouTube video.


See the heart-warming moment when Luna was reunited with her owner.

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