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MalJan tries to outrun the Tracker Active

Are you trying to track Maljan with Tracker Active? He decided to put the device to the test to see exactly how far you can track him.

maljan tracker active

Jacaranda FM and Tracker are putting you to the test to see if you can keep up with MalJan. If you can, you could win yourself four tickets to Off The Beat n’ Track, a day of family fun, biking, and music, taking place on the 8th of April at The Big Red Barn in Irene. 

You will also have a chance to win the grand prize - a shopping spree to go and select whatever cycling equipment you need for yourself and your family to the value of R100,000, thanks to Jacaranda FM and Tracker. To care is to protect.

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But the question is: how well does the Tracker Active device work? MalJan put it to the test in the only way MalJan knows how...

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