Casper de Vries creates a 'Mzanzi Christmas'

Casper de Vries creates a 'Mzanzi Christmas'

Funny man and genius visionary, Casper de Vries joined The Complimentary Breakfast earlier this morning and he created a 'Mzanzi Christmas' for all. Once again, as usual, he created a masterpiece! 

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It's not everyday that you are able to take the genius, Casper de Vries, and allow him to get creative and create a new character. We tasked the funny man with a challenge - to create a new character using a few of the most random props ever. 

Casper was given objects such as a afro wig, tinsel, a snowflake as well a weird mask looking object. Let's just that say what Casper created will not only make you laugh, but feel that festive spirit.

Throw the bones, throw the bones! 

Casper also spoke to Rian about his upcoming show and what people can expect. 

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