8 Reasons millennials are not having kids

8 Reasons millennials are not having kids

If you speak to millennials at the moment about kids they are likely to shrug their shoulders and reply "Not any time soon". However it seems that it is not an isolated case. 

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Most youth are more focused on their careers and life goals rather then popping out a little one.

The Rooster sort out the opinions from youth of all walks of lives to reveal the top reasons as to why they are reluctant to procreate.

1. The world is going through a bad patch

Currently the world is going through a lot of turmoil, with terrorism, war and disease to name a few issues. Respondents also expressed how they themselves wish they were not born during this time and do not want to bring kids up in a world like this.

"As I grow up myself, I realize more and more the kinds of shitty things people are capable of. Kidnapping and rape and bullying and terror and stalking and identity theft and ... I could go on. Having experienced a couple of these things myself, it would break my heart knowing I was bringing an innocent child into a world where all that was possible. I feel like I'd have a really hard time not sheltering them or not being overprotective." - Cammie, 26

2. Affordability has gone out the window

Now we could agree that this is a common issue in South Africa. The millennials are top graduates yet the worst paid generation, that’s if you’re even lucky enough to even have a job.


A large number of respondents said that their student loans are one of the main reasons they are unable to afford having children

"I can't even live off my pathetic salary, so how can I give a child the life they deserve?" - Micah, 23

3. The worlds is too populated and expenses are way to high

Population growth is out of control at the moment and adding to that will make overcrowding and environmental issues even worse

Respondents said that rather than becoming part of the problem, they would rather work towards the solution, which is learning to reduce carbon footprints, sourcing food locally and using recycled materials instead.

4. Pregnancy just isn’t cool


Millennials have very strong feelings around being pregnant. They find childbirth to be a strenuous, excruciating and an expensive physical ordeal. 

"I'm in med school and I'm fine around blood and guts, but when it comes to labor and childbirth, I feel lightheaded and nauseous. I just can't. Not for me. I'd consider a test tube baby if I could afford it, but like I said, medical school." - Adelaide, 27

5. Scared of ruining them

Women are regularly stating that they don't have the motherly instincts and men don't have the need to spread their seed anymore. The fear of not being the phenomenal parents they hope to be is definitely something that affects their decision to have kids.

"I don't want to know what a little me would be like. Have you met me? I can't even keep a plant alive." - Allen, 31

"I'd rather spend my energy, time and money helping people that are already alive than spend those things on someone who doesn't exist yet." - Rachel, 32

6. Careers are more important

The days of being able to balance it all seems to be gone. Millennials are more focused on a dream career rather than building a family. Many people worry about the fact that having children could keep them from achieving their highest potential

"My dad was an airline pilot because he loved flying. That was great, but he was literally never around for us. When I got older, I admired him for doing what made him happiest and I want to follow in his footsteps, but unlike him, I'm not going to launch myself face-first into my career at the expense of my children. Maybe someday if I feel I have time to actually be there for them, but right now, there's no way." - Amelia, 25

7.Won't fix anything.

The age old belief that relationships, marriages, boredom or social status can be changed by having a child is long gone. They're not going to fix your marriage or make you a better person, these are selfish reasons to have a child.

"My family has been putting so much pressure on my fiance and I to have kids because they're 'worried about what people will think if we don't.' I don't care what other people think. Other people are not going to dictate what I do with my body and what comes screaming and crying out of it. If my family, or society for that matter, rejects me because I don't conform to the life path they expect me to, then they're not people I care to associate with anyway." - Natasha, 25

8. We don't even need a reason; we just don't want them, so stop asking!

Plan and simple, children are meant for some people and not for others, when the time is right the decision to have kids will be between the couple.

"I can't really explain why. It just doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel like me, so why would I do it?" - Kyle, 27

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