Five best laugh videos for the month

Five best laugh videos for the month

These videos will leave you in stiches.

McDonald prank

Schucks, the weekend is almost over and that just means Blue Monday is upon us. But what better way to start the week than with a bit of laughter?

We bring you the five best laugh videos for the month.

Woman pranked, sings for a free McDonald's meal

In this video, Prankster Brad Holmes made his missus Jenny Davies believe that she would get free McDonald's food for singing her order. The poor woman sang her heart out, not knowing that she was being pranked. Nothing makes Brad laugh harder than seeing Jane fall for the prank. Below is the hilarious reaction. It will leave you in stitches.

Jimmy Kimmel Live staff read nonsensical messages from moms

Jimmy Kimmel asked his staff members to read some of the sweetest, nonsensical text messages they have received from their mothers. The video is so funny and has been viewed over 1-million times on YouTube. You may just want to watch this one with your mom, especially if you have complained to her about a nonsensical text she sent you. It may just offer her a bit of comfort and get her laughing as well.

Gone viral! The most infectious laugh in the world right now!

Of all the things to go viral, would you ever imagine a video involving Chewbacca and laughter all at once? Chewbacca? The Wookie warrior from Star Wars... laughing? You've got to watch this, don't get lost in the FOMO!

This man is definitely now dateless and desperate

Almost all of us had to deal with breaking-up with someone we truly loved, but the way the guy in this video handles his break-up is hilarious. Amongst some of the things he does is to literally cling to his now ex-girlfriend. You have to watch the video to see just hilariously ridiculous his actions were.

Father wakes son up dressed as Darth Vader

In honor of the Star Wars holiday known as 'May the Fourth', this father became the ultimate cool dad, as he dressed up as the Sith Lord and woke his son up. However, what happened after was the cutest!

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