How to fake 8 hour beauty sleep

How to fake 8 hours of beauty sleep

Forget beauty sleep, cheat your way to beautiful skin with just a few easy tips.


Life can get so hectic sometimes that many people find themselves sleeping less than the required eight hours a day.

Unfortunately, not getting enough sleep can have negative effects.  Not only has it been found to affect the brain, but it can also mess up with your looks. Lack of sleep can cause dark circles and leave the skin dehydrated. But it seems, there’s a way you can fake your skin into thinking you’ve had all your beauty sleep.

According to kiis1065, using a cream blush with some shimmer in it gives your skin an extra boost, and also applying a great reflective primer with a good BB cream on top will make you look like you had your beauty sleep. 

Don’t forget to give your eyes a little touch-up as well. A good eyelash curler with two coats of mascara applied afterwards, and a white eyeliner along the waterline will do the trick, added the publication.

The below video gives more tips.

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