Planning to travel this festive season? Essentials for your travel bag

Planning to travel this festive season? Essentials for your travel bag

Make sure you have packed everything you need for your vacation with the below check-list.

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The holiday season is upon us and many people will be travelling. But one of the mistakes festive season travelers make is forgetting to pack everything they will need for their vacation.

This can result in having to buy things on the road which can be quite costly. Make sure you avoid making that mistake by following these steps:

- Start by checking that you have all your necessary travel documents i.e. your ID, passport, cash/credit cards, transportation tickets, health insurance card etc.

- Carry extra cash for unexpected costs.

- Pack healthy snacks to avoid buying on the plane.

- Ensure that you put everything you might need on the road in your carry-on bag. This should include your toiletry, medication, and another set of clothes, just in case the weather changes and you need to put on a jersey or something light. Packing extra clothes will also come in handy if your luggage is lost.

Also, remember to put your cell phone charger, earphones, camera, memory card, books etc. in the carry-on-bag.

- Plan the activities you will do on each day of your vacation in detail. This will help you know what to put in your main bag.

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