Outrage as dad bungee jumps with toddler

Outrage as dad bungee jumps with toddler

A father has faced backlash online for performing a dangerous stunt with his two-year-old. 

Dad Bungee Jumps with two-year-old

The dad, who is a reality star from Malaysia, faced criticism on social media earlier this year after bungee jumping with the scared little girl. 

Video footage of the stunt shows 2014 Fear Factor Malaysia champion Redha Rozlan standing on a bridge in Kuala Kuba Bharu with his little girl strapped onto him. The gorge is about 196 feet deep and the father shared the video of his experience on Instagram, where he received backlash.  

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Some users complained that the child did not appear to be wearing any safety gear but the father has since responded, saying that the child wanted to do the jump and had safety gear on. 

Watch the terrifying moment below. 

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