WATCH: Protesters sing 'Baby Shark' for scared toddler

WATCH: Protesters sing 'Baby Shark' for scared toddler

The group of protesters in Lebanon started singing for the toddler when the mom alerted them that she had a scared child in the car. 

Protesters sing for scared toddler
Screenshot/Facebook/Eliane Jabbour

Citizens in Lebanon were protesting over a crumbling economy but paused to give a child some peace in the middle of chaos.

According to CNN, Eliane Jabbour was driving through Baabda District when a crowd of cheering protesters surrounded her car with her 15-month-old son, Robin, in the car.

The concerned mom told the protesters she has a baby in the car and asked them to not be too loud.

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    The protesters then started singing 'Baby Shark' - and the little one loved it. 

    Watch the video below. 

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