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Not a victim, not a survivor, but a warrior’

The founder of ‘The Lilly Reed Foundation’ has described herself as a warrior.


Lilly Reed’s foundation offers free counselling and support services to victims of trauma and rape.

Reed worked in the NGO sector in South Africa when she travelled to Malawi as a 33 years-old to start a charity to help those in need.

During her stay in Malawi Reed was gang-raped by a group of 12 armed men in her home.

Reed’s six year old daughter and 9-year-old step son were held hostage during the incident.

She has now decided to write a book as a way of sharing her story of triumph through adversity.

Reed told the Transformation Education About Rape and Sexual Abuse (TEARS) Foundation ‘1000 Women Breakfast’ commemorating the 16 Days of Activism campaign against gender-based violence that it has been a long road.

“I decided immediately, that the rape of my body was not going to kill my hopeful, adventurous and determined spirit. Yes, it took time to heal. Yes it was hard and yes, there were days I didn’t think I would recover. But I also know that if I had allowed them my mind that I would be haunted forever.”

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Listen to her story here: 

Warning: The clip contains graphic details of the incident.

Reed’s story, while both painful and tragic, also offers a tale of hope to those who have suffered abuse and trauma

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