The Breakfast Show celebrate 'International Love Your Pet Day'

The Breakfast Show celebrate 'International Love Your Pet Day'

How will you be spoiling your pet this 'International Love Your Pet Day'?

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Many would argue that every day should be 'International Love Your Pet Day' - and we totally agree!

Recently, Breakfast Show sports presenter Elma Smit adopted a kitten. 

The adorable black and white kitten was dropped off at a local vet and after Elma's friend informed her about the little cutie, Smit knew she had to give it a loving home. 

Elma and her husband have been considering adopting a cat for some time now, so it was a no-brainer when she heard about the kitten. 

Have you ever heard of chickens that eat mozzarella cheese? 

Breakfast Show host Martin Bester's hens do not only have the luxury of walking around his entire garden, but they are treated to some delicious cheese every day. So sweet! 

What do you do to treat your pets?

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