How much pocket money should children receive?

How much pocket money should children receive?

Breakfast Show hosts Martin Bester and Tumi Morake are on a mission to develop a new 'pocket money rate card' for parents.

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Do you give your children an exorbitant amount of pocket money? 

Maybe you do, but is it the right thing to do? More so, how much is enough? 

With the ever-increasing costs of living and entertainment, coming up with a 'decent' amount of money to give your children on a weekly or monthly basis can be tough. 

Whether they use their pocket money for buying clothes, going to the movies or heading out to the local grocery store for a bag of sweets, there's no doubt that these types of costs have increased over the last few years.  

Many sent us messages telling us how much pocket money they give their children - and some of the responses will surprise you:

As a result of the responses, Martin and Tumi decided that it was time to develop a 'rate card' for parents when it comes to giving their children pocket money.

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