Local gay couple shunned from wedding venue

Local gay couple shunned from wedding venue

Breakfast Show hosts Martin Bester and Tumi Morake spoke to a couple who were turned down by a wedding venue after revealing they were gay.

local gay couple shunned from wedding venue

An engaged couple from Springs thought they had found the perfect wedding venue, but a single message stopped them in their tracks. 

Kobus Smal and Wayne van der Schyff received a shocking text from a wedding venue they had their hearts set on. 

The local venue denied the couple the opportunity to have their wedding at the venue's premises due to their homosexual relationship. 

Smal and van der Shyff joined Martin and Tumi and spoke about the experience, recalling the moment they received the message. 

Many took to Facebook to share their thoughts on the issue. 

Gail Coetzee-Barry said: "We tried to get a photographer for our wedding. One of the photographers I mailed answered saying she does not know how to take photos of a lesbian couple! Really!"

Another Facebook user said it is an "absolute disgrace":

What are your thoughts? Do you think the venue had a right to turn the couple away?

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