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Snotkop is doing his bit to save water in Cape Town

Barney Simon caught up with popular South African musician Snotkop to talk about his recent relocation to Cape Town and how the shortage of water is affecting him.

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Snotkop is no stranger to the music scene in South Africa. 

With a number of albums, a string of hits, and a large fanbase of screaming girls, Snotkop is a force to be reckoned with. 

If he isn't making headlines for his controversial music videos, such as 'Hoe Lykit', he's performing to sold out audiences around South Africa. 

His latest album, 'HKGK', has already sold more than 45,000 units, and his latest collaboration saw him and Leah team up with Kurt Darren for the track 'Selfie Song'. 

After recently moving to Cape Town, Snotkop's finding it tough to adjust to a life where water is on the verge of running out. 

So much so he is washing up in the ocean...

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