Arnold Vosloo teases first Afrikaans Netflix show

Arnold Vosloo teases first Afrikaans Netflix show

Renowned actor Arnold Vosloo joined Martin Bester and the team on Wednesday to talk about his upcoming Netflix show, 'Ludik'.

Arnold Vosloo and Martin Bester
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In an exclusive interview on Breakfast with Martin Bester, renowned actor Arnold Vosloo announced Netflix’s first Afrikaans title series Ludik, which is set to burst onto screens globally on 26 August 2022. 

The racy, skop-skiet-en-donder six-part series features South African-born Hollywood actor Arnold Vosloo (Silvertone Siege) in the titular role of Daan Ludik, alongside local heavyweight talents Rob Van Vuuren (Swys De Villiers), Diaan Lawrenson (Anet Ludik), and Zane Meas (Brigadier Davies), according to a Netflix press release.

Arnold Vosloo Daan Ludik
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"The series revolves around Ludik, who appears to be a salt-of-the-earth oke, styling himself as a wholesome family man running a successful furniture business. However, behind the veneer of respectability,  Ludik is steeped in the underworld that sees him crossing paths with mobsters and murderers."

With his family in turmoil, jail time on the horizon, and death imminent, Ludik must rely on both his old and new allies to prevail and save his everything. 

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During his interview, Vosloo spoke about life in America and the development of his acting career. 

'The Mummy' actor also shared some stories about other actors he met and worked with in Hollywood. Vosloo recalled a specific incident when actor Jean-Claude Van Damme told him to "move back to South Africa" as he "would never make it in Hollywood". 

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