Breakfast with Martin Bester does a water tasting!

Breakfast with Martin Bester does a water tasting!

What is a water sommelier? It's an individual who knows that water is not just water...

Candice Jansen

Water has terroir, taste, and a story to tell. When Candice discovered that water could taste so different, she fell head over heels and very quickly became an enthusiast. 

Candice has imported and tasted the most fascinating water from around the world. 

There is no such thing as only still or sparkling. 

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"In my world, there are effervescent, big bubbles, TDS, silica, terroir, aquifers, calcium, artesian springs, volcanic origins, naturally carbonated, and so much more.​"

Candice is passionate about water and we learned a lot this morning! 

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Stemware plays an important role in executing the "cherry on top" effect and we tasted water in wine glasses. 

Happy hydrating!

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