Breakfast with Martin Bester weighs in on shopping specials

Breakfast with Martin Bester weighs in on shopping specials

Do you buy things that are on sale? The Breakfast with Martin Bester team weigh in on the conversation.

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Imagine a life without a sale? Impossible!

However, some people believe that products that are on sale are not of good value any more. 

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Others believe that you should only buy products that are on promotion. And what about no-name products? 

A large portion of retailers' products are sold under their own name, which many consumers associate with quality.

However, many people do not buy no-name products because they only believe in branded products. But is the latter of less quality?

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Martin Bester only buys no-name products. "It is no different in branded and no-name brands," he says.

He also buys products that are on promotion. 

Are you brand loyal or do you buy no-name brands? 

Let Martin Bester know in the comments section below.

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