Bride shocked when mother-in-law decides to wear a wedding dress to her big day

Bride shocked when mother-in-law decides to wear a wedding dress to her big day

There are various unspoken rules guests should follow when attending a wedding - but this mother-in-law isn't obeying any!

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"Don't mention past relationships during your best man speech", "don't get too drunk at the reception" and definitely "don't wear white/ivory/cream to the wedding," are just a few rules when attending a wedding.

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Stressing about guests and them sticking to these 'rules' is the last thing any bride-to-be wants to worry about, especially on her big day.

What could probably make matters worse is if said guest is the mother of the groom.

One bride-to-be shared a mom-in-law horror story on Reddit.

She wrote: "My MIL just bought a dress to wear at my wedding. She did ask me beforehand what type of dress I think she should wear. I specifically told her to find something that is navy blue, dark green or grey and something conservative."

To make matters even worse, the dress was not even subtle.

"It is gold with gold embellishments and gold threading. The whole dress is sparkly. When she showed it to me I was absolutely shocked and I wasn't very happy with her choice of dress. My dress in comparison is very simple with a little lace and some satin," she continued.

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What is the most horrible thing someone has done on your wedding day? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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