Can anyone service your car? New rules revealed

Can anyone service your car? New rules revealed

Do you service your car at a local mechanic or at a certified vehicle manufacturer? Here are some rules you need to know.

Mechanic at work in his garage

According to Business Tech, the Competition Commission has published Draft Guidelines for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry.

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry is the market for motor vehicle spare parts, tools, and components after the vehicles are sold to consumers. This market also includes maintenance and repair services sold by dealerships to consumers.

We all know these days that you have to service your car with the manufacturer if you take out a plan upon purchase. 

However, having to service your car at the manufacturer where you bought it inhibits the growth of small providers. 

The Competition Commission is suggesting you choose your own mechanic, in simple terms, as this will lead to economic growth for smaller businesses.

However, Martin Bester wants to know, should anyone be able to service your car?

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