Catcalling could land you in hot water

Catcalling could land you in hot water

Except, in some countries, like in Europe, there is a move to have catcallers fined.

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Women are catcalled through whistling, suggestive motions as well as unsolicited and often inappropriate comments about their appearance. 

In South Africa, a local musician and internationally-acclaimed DJ have clashed on a very similar issue.

DJ Black Coffee had been traveling on a private plane when he posted an Instagram story in which DJ Euphonik objectifies a female pilot.

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In the video, Euphonik can be heard saying: “Guys, let’s compare taxi drivers. How pretty is yours?” A chorus of laughter followed the comment.

Many woman can share similar stories about strangers objectifying their being.

This morning Martin Bester wants to know, have you ever been catcalled or objectified as a woman?

Do you agree with Shaun's sentiments? 

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