Comedian Alfred Adriaan on vaccines and the use of ‘Wilde Als’

Comedian Alfred Adriaan on vaccines and the use of ‘Wilde Als’

“When is the vaccine coming? Ons sal nou moet Wilde Als drink!”

Alfred Adriaan Wilde Als
Source: Alfred Adriaan Instagram screenshot

Energetic stand-up comedian, Alfred Adriaan, performs comedy in South Africa and shares funny videos on Facebook. During lockdown, he started uploading videos of life during this new normal.

He recently started featuring his wife Natalie in the videos - and we love her! 

Adriaan joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to share some of his views on Wilde Als. 

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Wilde Als is a well-known medicinal plant in Africa which is still used by people. The leaves are dark green, of soft texture, and similar in shape to fern leaves. 

Wilde Als has been used for treating a variety of ailments such as coughs, fevers, colds, chills, dyspepsia, loss of appetite etc. 

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Of course, Adriaan put a comedic spin on it and it is just what we needed this Monday! 

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Image Credit: Alfred Adriaan Instagram screenshot

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