Martin Bester does the ‘aapstert baard’ challenge!

Martin Bester does the ‘aapstert baard’ challenge!

Martin saw the ‘aapstert baard’ trend on social media. He was bored at the time, so he had to try it!  

Martin Bester what happened
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Martin was bored and asked what he should do while being indoors on day 300 of lockdown? 

As concerts in South Africa are postponed, big sporting events are put on hold, and schools are closed until February, life is not what it should be. 

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The National Coronavirus Command Council recommends that even those who show no signs of illness should stay home to help “flatten the curve”. 

Do you agree with Martin, are you getting bored of staying at home? 

Finish the sentence: ’I am so bored that…’

Aapstert baard challenge
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Take a look at Martin Bester's 'aapstert baard':

Martin Bester beard final
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Uhm, yeah... nice one, Martin!

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