Durban couple experiences snow on wedding day

Durban couple experiences snow on wedding day

Have you ever imaged getting married in a snow-covered setting in the Swiss Alps?

Durban Wedding - Stuart Dods Photography
Source: Stuart Dods Photography

A Durban couple didn’t have to imagine this as their fairytale wedding took a beautiful turn.  

The couple, Jarryd and Simone, got married last weekend and due to the cold front in parts of South Africa, their special day was covered in snow!

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Talented photographer, Stuart Dods, said: “So in 13 years of shooting weddings I've never had it snow at the right time on a wedding day. So Jarryd and Simone hit the jackpot yesterday and here’s a sneak peek for them of their special day in the snow.” 

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The couple spoke to our sister radio station, East Coast Radio. Listen to the moment here.

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Image credit: Facebook/Stuart Dods Photography

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