Educational COVID-19 parody song goes viral

Educational COVID-19 parody song goes viral

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Jamie Barthus parody
Source: Facebook/Jamie Barthus

The third wave is rampant and South Africa had 17,493 new COVID-19 cases reported in the last 24 hours.

This increase represents a 24.9% positivity rate. According to Jacaranda FM News, The National Institute for Communicable Diseases' (NICD) Dr Michelle Groome, Head of the Division of Public Health Surveillance and Response, warns that “the sharp rise in the reported daily COVID-19 cases is cause for concern, especially in the Gauteng Province where daily case numbers are exceeding those seen during the previous two waves.”

With a very stressful few weeks ahead for South Africans, musicians and comedians are doing their part to keep us entertained.

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Cape Town comedian Jamie Barthus has been releasing funny videos since the start of lockdown and posted a brand-new video about the third wave, saying: "We are still battling with COVID-19 all we can do is protect ourselves and our families by being cautious everywhere we go because we don't know what the next person has. Stay safe."

Jamie took a popular Bee Gees song and recorded a catchy parody! He sings, ‘The third wave is here now. I really want you now. Corona virus, we should all protect our lives and don’t think twice… die mense kap net aan.’ 

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Take a look at the video below:

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Image credit: Facebook/Jamie Barthus

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