Excitement overload! "Lost" Queen song to be released soon

Excitement overload! "Lost" Queen song to be released soon

Fans of the iconic rock band will soon be able to listen to a Queen song that was never released!


Have you missed hearing fresh music from one of the most iconic rock bands in history?

Luckily, the remaining members of the rock band Queen have confirmed that there is a "lost" song that will soon be released. 

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In an interview with BBC 2, Queen drummer Roger Taylor confirmed that they discovered the "little gem" that they had forgotten about. 

Guitarist Brian May, who recently performed at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, also confirmed the release of the song. 

It was confirmed that the song would be released in September 2022. 

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May also said that the "song was hiding in plain sight" as they never thought that they would be able to "save" the song and release it. 

It's been 30 years since Freddie Mercury passed away and fans will now be able to hear "fresh" vocals from the Queen frontman.

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